There are times when children suffer from worries and anxiety due to problems at home such as separation or when a parent is ill


Livewell Counselling’s Testimonials

Livewell Counselling has been providing a quality and accessible service to the people of Chorley and surrounding areas. Below are some comments and testimonials from individuals who have experienced our service.


“Tracy made me feel comfortable when I was going through a difficult time and the sessions supported me back into work”.



The service has had a positive impact on our pupils, offering 1:1 nurturing support for children in need.

Headteacher, St.James Primary School, Chorley


” Counselling helped me understand me”.



“Thank you, I didn’t feel judged, when I thought others, were judging me”.



Livewell Counselling have provided a quality service to a number of parents who we support through the Children’s Centre. Parents who have received counselling say that it has helped them to discuss past experiences which has left them feeling more confident and better able to deal with the challenges that everyday life brings. This has enabled them to improve parenting, resulting in better outcomes for their children.

Gemma Norris, Coppull Children’s Centre


Gillibrand Primary School children and parents have benefitted from the professional support delivered by Livewell Counselling

Headteacher, Gillibrand Primary School, Chorley


” Counselling helped me to deal with issues in a appropriate manner”



“Helped me to realise that I wont always think and feel this way”