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                                                                                                                                                                 Tracy Flux - Livewell Counselling Services is an established consultancy in ChorleyAs a qualified supervisor, accredited counsellor, EMDR therapist, and experienced educator for the past 15 years, I bring a wealth of experience to Livewell Counselling Service.  As a professional, I have worked mainly in the education sector over the years, but also in charities, private sectors, children’s centres, EAP companies, and referrals from GP services and local authorities .

I am contracted with a University to provide supervision in education. Part of alliance team in North West for qualified supervisor’s. Providing regular supervision for senior management team and staff in schools.

With a team of BACP-registered, experienced counsellors, working in the field of education with professionals, adults, and young people.

Witnessing the benefits in the last 4 years how supervision in an organisation has a positive ripple effect throughout the entire system. Supervision enables us to take the time to reflect, review, reinvigorate, bring clarity and quality, together, create new ways of seeing and thinking about what we do.

I have trained in the EMDR approach, a trauma focused approach. The goal of this therapy is to encourage a patient to focus briefly on a trauma memory while simultaneously experiencing bilateral stimulation (usually eye movements), which decreases the vividness of the trauma memory and its associated emotions.

Completed my Postgraduate in clinical supervision training. This training enables me to maintain high standards in supervision. My approach in supervision is based on that of Hawkins Shohet and Page & Woskett model.  It uses coaching as a structure for exploring differences and provides structure through the use of lenses. Foundation degree in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (CPCAB) has enabled me to work with a wide range of complex psychological problems. Level 4 – CPCAB, a two-year certification program that provides me with knowledge, skills, and competencies. Level 3 – Level 2 CPCAB is a one year training for each level,  I have facilitated and co-facilitator in delivering bespoke training for professionals such as working therapeutically with young people and clinical supervision.

I am qualified to work in animal assisted therapy, ( AA1, AAT) www.scas.org.uk. Animals can help improve mood, reduce depression, lower blood pressure, motivation and reduce or prevent stress.

Further vocational courses have given me the knowledge and awareness to practice safely. I have training in Safeguarding for both children and adults including training on CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation). I am enhanced DBS and completed ASIST training in suicide awareness.

Vocational Courses

  • EMDR- Part 4 (EMDR Academy)
  • EMDR-Part 3 (EMDR Academy)
  • EMDR-Part 2 (EMDR Academy)
  • EMDR- Part 1 (EMDR Academy)
  • OCST4- Online counselling
  • On- line Training for Counselling (OU)
  • (SST) Single Session Therapy
  • Group Supervision
  • Mind Body & Soul
  • Focusing
  • Understanding Addiction & Working Towards Recovery
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course
  • Teacher training in Mindfulness
  • Internal Family Systems Workshop
  • ASIST, Applied Suicide Interventions Skills Training
  • Treating Generalised Anxiety Disorder & Panic Attacks
  • Suicide and Suicide ideation
  • Prevent Training


  • Solihul Training
  • Domestic Abuse with Children
  • Iapt. Introduction to CBT working with Children
  • E -Harmed Self Harm
  • Therapeutically working with Children
  • Attachment Theory & Practice
  • ASSIT, Animal Assisted Therapy
  • P2be Introduction to Attachment Theory & Practice
  • P2be Children’s Emotional Well Being
  • P2be Helping Children Tell Their Story
  • P2be Working with Difference Diversity with Children
  • Therapeutic Group work with Children

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