Clinical Supervision for Professionals

Clinical supervision is a professional service to support managers, staff, counsellors and individuals who work in organisations that support others. Effective supervision occurs when the external supervisor is not a member of staff.

Supervision is not a management role but rather a mentor/coaching role and is where people work in partnership to explore, reflect, unravel the demands that can face them and provide a new insight.

Supervision provides a safe place to stand back and reflect on yourself and your organisation’s expectations and demands.

It will help develop coping strategies – how to deal with work, life and society-related issues. It can enhance resilience concerning emotional well-being, and also provide an opportunity for debriefing difficult and critical incidents.

Supervision can help to prevent burnout, reduce stress levels, minimise compassion fatigue, and is a way of developing coping strategies. Research suggests the appropriate support aids in reducing anxiety and the management of high workloads, whilst also improving morale within the team and staff retention. 

Supervision is based upon:

clinical supervision for businesses chorley

“Research suggests that appropriate emotional support can buffer against anxiety and stress, and aid the management of high workloads.

Supervision can improve staff well-being and morale, and improve staff retention.”

What We Offer

Individual Supervision

Individual clinical supervision typically refers to the practice of providing one-on-one guidance, oversight and support to a single person within an organisation. This is tailored to the specific needs and development goals of the individual, aiming to enhance their skills, decision-making abilities and overall professional growth. It often involves regular meetings or sessions where the supervisor provides feedback, advice and mentorship to help the supervisee improve their performance.

Facilitated Group Supervision

Facilitated group supervision allows a peer group to gather and reflect on situations and challenges they either collectively or individually experience in the workplace, then share perspectives and contributions in a safe and non-judgemental space. The aim is to gain a better understanding of the difficulties their collegues are facing, strengthen cooperation and leadership, reduce work strain across the board, grow professionally as a team, thus becoming more successful in their business endeavours together. 

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