"Every year thousands of people across the UK suffer in silence"

the hardest part can be picking up the phone

Counselling & Therapy For Adults & Children In Chorley

Supervision Services

I provide a professional clinical supervision service to support managers, staff, counsellors and individuals that work in organizations to support others.

Supervision is not a management role, but rather a mentor, coaching role. Supervision is where two people work in partnership to explore, reflect, unravel the demands that can face them and gives you a new insight.

Supervision can help to reduce stress levels and prevent burnout, (compassion fatigue) and is a way of developing new strategies.

Research suggests that appropriate emotional support can buffer against anxiety, stress and the management of high workloads. Supervision can improve staff morale, well-being and improve staff retention.


Counselling Services

counselling changes lives for the better
Counselling for adults. Many of us will have had difficult experiences at some stage of our lives that may affect our well-being. Life can feel challenging at times and we can feel stuck or hopeless. Counselling enables us to explore, understand why these emotions are present and why we feel this way. Counselling gives you a new insight, awareness, to move forward and offers you the opportunity for change to happen and live a more fulfilled happier life.

Taking that first step and making contact with us, takes courage but counselling gives you the opportunity for change to happen.

The sessions are confidential and confidentiality will be discussed upon the first session. Appointments are available during the day or evening to fit around your busy life’s. Counselling sessions can be time limited but open- ended if both parties agree.

Child Therapy Services

Child Therapy in and around Chorley

“Connection with young people is essential for successful results”

Counselling for young people offers a safe environment for young people to express and understand, how they are feeling.

Young people cannot always verbally understand on how they are feeling therefore creative therapy enables a young person to explore their world.
Creative therapy is the most natural and effective way to help young people make sense of their world. However, this is based upon the young person’s development stage.

Bottled up feelings can become so intense that young people can struggle to understand them. Counselling offers the young person the opportunity to understand their feelings and be less burden by the intense feelings.